Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Deal on Hasbro's Games!!

Target has recently a price cut on some of the Hasbro's games, Bop it XT, Monopoly Electronic Banking, Electronic Scrabble Flash and best of all the Star Wars The Clone Wars Ankin Skywalker Ultimate FX Light Saber and Star Wars Darth Vader Ultimate FX Light Saber, they are usually $31.49but now there is a temporary price cut. so you can get them for a really great price with promo codes, below is an example with what I've got:

I signed up at Ebates as they have promotion right now, they give $10 gift card for many stores and one of them is Target gift card, when you place your order of $25, plus they give 3% back from your spending, so far so good. now after I added the items that I wanted, I added the promo code which is as following:

Singed up at Ebates to get $10 gift card with your purchase (Click here to sign up)
$5 off with a purchase over $50 + Free shipment Click here to activate it
$8 discount on Flash game (HSBRBC34)
$5 discount on Bop it XT (HSBRBC35)
$8 discount on lightsaber (HSBRBC28)
$5 discount on Star Wars item (FMKPRWB85)

and this is a screen shot of the order:

Final price is 58.96, that makes each item for 14.74 and $10 target gift card for next purchase and saved gas that could have been spent on a trip to the store and saved time. and I don't think there will be a better deal on these toys on upcoming black Friday..

You will not get a free shipping if you don't have the REDCard but you strill can get a good deal even with the shippment (remember the gas is expensive these days and that will save you gas, plus the (Star Wars The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Light Saber) has 2 online coupons that you won't find printable!
so you can adjust the list up and instead of adding Monopoly, you can add the following item (or any item on sale/ clearance around the price of $6+ to still be able to get the additional $5 off $50

Your total will be $62.91 (including shipping and taxes) its like you paid $8 for the pan and $18.30 each game and you will receive $10 target gift card from Ebate plus 3.0% back of your purchase and there is a $5 Monopoly Electronic game coupon that you can print from hasbros wibsite of if you had the 2/26/2012 Pepsico insert in Sunday newspaper and it's for 19.99 (price cut) at you can get it for $4.99 after the $10 gift card and $5 Monopoly coupon!!

Another deal idea:

add any $50 worth of item from your choice at (must be elligible for free shipping when you spend $50) then add the (Star Wars The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Light Saber), you will get the $5 off $50 discount when you click the link above and add the promo codes: 
$8 discount on lightsaber (HSBRBC28)
$5 discount on Star Wars item (FMKPRWB85)
Your shipment on the toy will be less than $3 plus you will get $10 target gift card and 3% back from your purchase when you shop through Ebates 

Singed up at Ebates to get $10 gift card with your purchase (Click here to sign up)

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