Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HOT! New Tryology for Luv Diapers!

If you weren't familiar with the Tryology Program from Expo, It is a program any one over 18 can join to receive invitations to try new products from various brands, not only you get to try them first but you also earn points (around 500 per review) which you can redeem for gift cards. Click Here to log in to your account if you have one or Create New Account if you are new to this, so you can start building your profile and receiving exciting offers.
The latest Tryology they have now is from Luv, once you completed your profile, you can check the Tryology section and apply to it. Remember, These Tryology get filled so fast.

P.S. Once you agreed to to try the product, you must submit your video review before the due date.

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